STEM Baking Workshops

Toscah Bakery strives to redefine STEM education making science more accessible, engaging, and fun by offering workshops to customers and local high schools teaching the biochemistry/biology of baking. Toscah is currently working with local high schools and various STEM and entrepreneurial organizations to develop a curriculum teaching the biochemistry of baking and securing funding to offer an after school or summer STEM program for high school students, especially low-income, first-generation students.  

Strath Haven High School STEM Workshops 

May 2018: I teamed up with Strath Haven High school located in Swarthmore, PA and taught the first Toscah Baking Workshop teaching students how to make "Toscah's Soft-Baked Biscotti" made with apricots, cranberries, pistachios, and lemon zest. 

Collaboration with the Uncommon Individual Foundation

August 2018: Starting August 2018, Toscah Bakery will be working with the Uncommon Individual Foundation (UIF), a non-profit organization based in Philly that focuses on mentorship in corporate business, education, entrepreneurship, media, and technology. UIF runs a STEM mentoring program pairing entrepreneurs in various STEM industries to educating and mentoring high school and college students interested in STEM. I will be developing and piloting a “Biochemistry of Baking” program for the students focusing on science topics such as biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. In the future, in addition to the workshops I will offer to customers and the high school program, I would love to collaborate with colleges and universities in Philly like Swarthmore, Upenn, Drexel, etc. to offer a college class on the Biochemistry of Baking.